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Day makeup and some beautiful hairstyles for every day should be in the arsenal of every woman. Hairstyle is the first thing your colleagues, friends and just passers-by will notice when they look at you.


How to choose the right hairstyle for every day?

The main trend in the world of hairstyles today is the simplicity of their creation. Laying your hair in careless strands, pulling them into a ponytail is a matter of a few minutes. This hairstyle looks great during the day, does not require maintenance. Hairstyles for every day are your tools in creating a gentle, feminine, impeccably beautiful look. Pinning your hair in a new way, styling it, gathering it in a bun or loosening it, twisting it or straightening it, using styling products, you can change every day without exposing your appearance to drastic changes. Chubby girls are better off giving up a tight smooth bun, styling with a parting and combing your hair back. For girls with an elongated face, it is better to choose more magnificent hairstyles, it is especially important to wind the side strands so that they have a magnificent shape. For girls with a narrow face, asymmetric hairstyles are suitable, such as a side ponytail, a bun on the side, or a loose spikelet braided to the side. Hairstyles that visually make the forehead high are suitable for girls with a square face shape. It is advisable to comb the side strands forward so that the face with an open forehead seems more elongated.

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Rosa Owens 10-03-2022

Dreadlocks are one of the oldest hairstyles in the world. Since in the past people used this hairstyle to inspire fear, express their strength and power. Currently, they are woven because of the comfort to wear, because of the presentable appearance and just for the sake of beauty.

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Short Or Long?
Elena Hensley 13-03-2022

It can be a challenge to decide if short or long hair is the right move for you. Your face shape, the texture of your hair, and your lifestyle are all factors to help you determine the best hair length for you.

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Jewell Rivera  20-03-2022

The technique of hair coloring is not so complicated as to entrust this procedure exclusively to hairdressers. Yes, and professional hair coloring products are now sold in any cosmetic store: so, armed with paint and the appropriate tools, you can safely get down to business.


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