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Hair Dyeing

Hair coloring is one of the oldest cosmetic procedures, which was used with equal success by both men and women. In ancient Persia, for example, men dyed their beards with henna - this was considered beautiful. However, we will not delve into history.
Doing hair coloring is the fastest way to transform yourself. Every woman wants to be attractive, and hair coloring in this sense can work wonders, making you either romantic and tender, or bold and daring, or confident and strict - it all depends on what hair color you choose for yourself. 
Before you dye your hair, decide which paint is preferable for you. Hair dye at home can be natural and artificial (chemical). Which one is preferable? It all depends on your taste, on the structure of the hair and on the end result you are striving for. Hair coloring products are selected depending on how rich the color you need. Hair dye (colorator) is a tool that gives the strongest effect. The effect of such hair dye is extremely intense: you can radically change your appearance. 


The fact is that the oxidizing agents contained in hair dye are able to break down natural pigments, thereby making room for chemical dye. It is with the help of such a tool that a bright blonde can become a burning brunette, and a brown-haired woman can give her hair the color of an eggplant or pomegranate. The positive side of using hair dye is the intensity and durability of the color, the ability to radically change the color of the hair, the negative side is the active effect on the hair structure, which can lead to damage. After intensive hair coloring, even if the coloring did not cause visible damage, it is necessary to apply a special care complex - many companies now produce them.
1. Before dyeing your hair, squeeze the coloring compound from the tube into a bowl. If a fixing emulsion is attached to the composition, mix them. Don't forget to wear gloves. Your end goal is dyed hair, not hands.
2. Using a comb or a special brush, apply the composition to unwashed hair. The correct hair coloring technique dictates that special attention should be paid to the roots: it is in the direction from the roots to the ends of the hair that the colorator should be applied.

3. Leave the dye on your hair for a while. The process of splitting natural pigments can take a different amount of time. It depends both on the composition of the paint and on the type of your hair. On average, the time of exposure to hair dye ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. Check the time according to the instructions that are in each package of paint. If you want a more saturated and lasting color, wrap your head with foil, rolling a kind of cap out of it, or put on an oilcloth cap.
Hair highlighting is a new coloring technology that improves their condition. It is based on the use of the negatively charged dye elumen, which penetrates deep into the positively charged hair. The hair is dyed perfectly and does not deteriorate, but on the contrary, it feeds on useful substances.
4. Rinse thoroughly with warm (not hot!) water.
5. Dry your hair with a towel.
6. Dry and style your hair with a hairdryer and brush.
7. You can admire the result.

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