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Short Or Long?

Your face shape is a helpful indicator of whether a short or long hairstyle might suit you best. Every face shape is beautiful, and you want to determine what hairstyle might suit your face shape the best so that you can flaunt your best features!

Whether you have fine, medium, coarse, or thick hair texture, you can find a hair length that is perfect for you! For example, if you have fine hair, you might want to increase how thick your hair looks. In this case, a shorter hairstyle might be the way to go!

Do you work in an office setting where you have to have your hair styled every day? Does your busy schedule allow you to maintain a particular style and cut? These are both questions to consider when deciding what length of hair you want. If you are always on the go and do not have much time to get ready in the mornings, you might want a shorter hairstyle that you do not have to cater to for quite as long.

If you love styling your hair and you often experiment with different hairstyles, a long hairstyle might be for you! Long hair takes longer to tend to, but it is a great choice if you like to get creative.

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