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Dreadlocks or dreadlocks are tightly braided curls around the head. They can be woven as their own hair, so from artificial materials too.
Despite the information age, many are still afraid to weave dreadlocks, because they think that they must be cut. We can say with confidence that this is outdated information and dreadlocks can be woven without harming your hair. Every year, dreadlocks become more and more perfect, as weaving masters take into account the opinion of the client and their individual characteristics, they try to make the hairstyle fit everyone. If you want your dreadlocks to look neat for a long time, you must follow a few care recommendations:
Washing your hair should be no more than one or two times a week, so that the curls do not deform faster and do not fluff at the roots.
Features of washing the head with dreadlocks:
1. Rinse your head only at the roots of the head, you can’t touch the curls
2. Dilute the shampoo with water
3. Use a sponge to absorb liquid
4. Wet the sponge and gently wash the roots of the head
5. Rinse off the shampoo
6.Dry your head with a dry towel.
7. If you have braided natural dreadlocks, then every three months you need to write to the master and twist the curls at the roots. After removing the dreadlocks, a small recovery stage and rest for the scalp is necessary: ​​you can use various oils and masks, conditioners, etc.

“Dangerous dreadlocks” are considered classic dreadlocks braided from your own hair. At this time, natural dreadlocks do not pose any danger to your hair, since now it is possible to unwind them without cutting anything. The process of weaving is rather long and painful, so the option of natural dreadlocks is not suitable for everyone. The minimum length for weaving dreadlocks should be at least: 10-15 cm.
There are no restrictions on the time of wearing, but once every three months it is MANDATORY to make an appointment with the master to weave curls at the roots. 
Safe dreadlocks are dreadlocks that are woven from artificial material - kanekalon. That is, braids are braided at the roots, then a ready-made set of artificial dreadlocks is woven to your hair. Thus, the hair is not damaged and remains protected.
A set of dreadlocks can be of any color, quantity and length. All the nuances of creating are discussed with the master. The minimum length of hair for weaving the kit should be at least: 10-15 cm. The term for wearing safe dreadlocks: from 2 to 3 months, in the future, they must either be braided at the roots or completely twisted.

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