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Hello everyone, I'm Thelma Gilmore, I have been a hairdresser since 2002. Most of the time she worked as a hairdresser in the salon. My view of the entire beauty industry changed dramatically after I started working as a hair trainer for L'Oreal Professionnel. I have taught hairdressers how to color hair and work with hair care and styling products.
As a colorist, I have worked with the best French hairdressers: Nicolas Christ, Sophie Bose, Jean Marc Joubert, Francis El Rhode, Christophe Gayet, Laurent Decreton, Leticeia Genau, Christine Margosian. I also had a haircut practice with some: Nicolas Christ, Jean Marc Joubert, Francis el Rhode.
Since then I have managed to leave France and live in Japan, Norway and now I live in Luxembourg. Working in a salon, working as a trainer for hairdressers in a cosmetics company, chatting on the Internet and meeting women from all over the world have proven that we all have common problems. This is the lack of reliable knowledge about their hair and how to care for them. Hairdressers, unfortunately, cannot always explain how, for example, coloring works or what happens to the hair if we bleach it. How to choose the right care and how to apply it correctly. Haircut and coloring are not yet considered a very serious occupation, and, probably, partly because of this, thousands of women suffer from the lack of a competent master.

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